Work Happiness Method

Turn your dreary day job into your DREAM job.  

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You wake up dreading your day ahead and hit the snooze button one too many times
  • You can’t leave your job but you’re not sure what to do next
  • You just don’t really care about the work you do, you wish you could so something that would make a real difference  
  • Even though you’re working hard, you don’t feel like you’re using your true talents or full potential
  • You’ve switched jobs several times and still aren’t happy, there’s always something that’s wrong
  • You’re fantasizing about new jobs and even started to search online
  • You know your friends and family are tired of listening to you complain about work

Don't worry, you're not alone.

85% of all employees are unengaged at work
(aka bored, miserable, would rather be scrolling on Facebook).

-Gallup 2016

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  I’ve helped over 1,300 people transform dreary jobs into dream jobs.

The big myth around workplace dissatisfaction is that it’s out of your control. It’s your boss, your company culture, or just the system that has to change. But what if it’s not?  

The good news is that you can shift this.  And I’ve seen it happen over and over again amongst the 1,300 people I’ve coached.

AND…you don’t have to leave your job for things to change.

You have more control over this than you can imagine.

Imagine it's Monday, and you...

  • Awake with a calm confidence, with a sense of “I got this” instead of dread and anxiety
  • Luxuriate in a morning routine so you feel vital, clear headed, and ready to take on the day!
  • Look forward to catching up with your colleagues and diving into an exciting project
  • Receive more positive feedback from your boss who appreciates you and supports the ideas you’re sharing
  • End the day with a sense of satisfying progress, feeling complete and ready to relax with people you love
  • Go to bed possessing a deep sense of privilege and pride—as in, “I’m so damn grateful to be in this position”—WOW my life is amazing

This is NOT a fantasy scenario.



The Work Happiness Method ™

A Virtual Coaching Program

Because life is too precious to waste feeling bored, unmotivated, and bitter behind the desk.

Learn EXACTLY what to do, step-by-step, day-by-day, to be happier and more satisfied at work.

  • Develop a clear vision of what you TRULY want and use a one year action plan to move consciously toward your goal
  • Shift your mind-set by using evidence-based tools to release behaviors that sabotage your success
  • Learn how to make decisions with confidence and speed so you can avoid feeling conflicted and stuck
  • Master how to speak up for your needs and feel calm during difficult conversations

How Does it Work?

If you’re unhappy because of your job…and tend to blame your job for being unhappy, you’ll continue to feel this way no matter how many times you change jobs.

Because it’s not your job’s fault.  (At least not completely).

Sorry, I know that’s hard to hear. 

But the reality is, when people are feeling overwhelmed, burned out, disconnected or just plain miserable, the reasons—the real reasons—are rarely obvious. You have to look beyond the blame and look inside. 

Escaping or finding another job isn’t the answer because you’ll just keep making the same bad choices and repeating the same patterns of behavior. 

Only after you take the program and tap into your real desires can you be equipped enough to decide whether to stay or go.
This isn’t about blaming yourself, or even shaming yourself. It’s about truly getting in touch with yourself and discovering, "Whoa, I have more control here than I thought—and I really can impact my experience!"

It’s time to stop complaining, stop judging yourself (and stop comparing yourself to everyone on Facebook). 

This is about YOU—and what will make YOU genuinely happy.

If your own happiness, health and relationships aren’t enough to motivate you to, then maybe this will.

Did you know that employees who are happier are:



more creative


more productive


more engaged


more likely to get promoted within the year


Don't set another goal for yourself before doing The Work Happiness Method™

Often when we’re unhappy, we set lofty goals for ourselves thinking that will help change things. 

We’ll say something to ourselves like…

  • “I’ll kick ass on that project and then be ready to have a conversation with my boss”
  • “Maybe if I just make another $20k, I’ll be happy.” 
  • “When we hire an assistant, things will be better.”

Trust me, I’ve been there and done that.

Setting goals isn’t the problem. But setting the wrong goals is—or setting good goals at a bad time or without conscious intent.

So why does this happen? Usually because we’re not clear on what we want. And why is that? Because we don’t know how to really listen to ourselves.

The Work Happiness Method™ will provide you with the right questions to ask yourself plus a step-by-step process for learning how to really hear your inner truth.


"I didn't end up quitting and now I love my work. I was ready to quit my job and even leave money on the table—equity that I worked so hard to earn. I didn't like my team, I wasn't feeling challenged, and I was working crazy was unbearable. But I didn't know exactly what I wanted. Enter Stella. In six weeks she helped me get clear on my values and also gave me the courage to ask for what I wanted. I'm still at my company but on a new team and loving it—and I got to keep my equity!"

- Sales Manager, SalesForce


Hi, I’m Stella Grizont, and I’ve gone through my share of crying in the office bathroom, praying to God, saying, “there’s gotta to be more than this.”

Stella Headshot.jpg

Even though I looked successful on the outside, on the inside I was Netflix addict who was shedding lots of hair and eating too much Nutella. Not fun.

I was stressed and conflicted about my career (several times) until I finally cracked the code. Instead of setting exciting goals and even achieving them and then feeling underwhelmed or disappointed, I stopped focusing on what I wanted to DO, and started thinking about how I wanted to BE.

Let me help you figure out what you love and how to “live” it, NOW. 

If we haven’t met yet, let me to tell you a little about myself: I’m a positive-psychology expert and coach and I help design positive and happy work cultures for organizations including Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Columbia University. 

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My work has been featured in the media including: The Today Show, Vanity Fair,, Entrepreneur, Fox News, and ABC.

I was a repeat guest on MSNBC’s Your Business and I’m a regular contributor to, Forbes, and Thomson Reuters. I’ve also coached more than 1,300 professionals in launching their dream jobs in order to live their dream life—and I’m excited to do the same for you, too!


Week #1
How to master your mind

Learn the science of your emotions and recognize the three mental traps that make you feel like crap and hold you back from success and fulfillment. Start feeling more positive immediately - even before any big life changes. You must learn to discipline your mind, quiet the mental chatter, and elevate your energy before you get any further.

Week #2
How to create a vision

Now that you’re not at the mercy of your emotions, you’re ready to think bigger. You’ve probably been focused on all the wrong things when it comes to your life’s purpose or just figuring out your goals for this year. It’s not your fault. Not to worry, I’ve got a step by step approach to help you figure out what you really want. Get ready to feel excited and hopeful about your future again!

Week #3
How to make conscious decisions and live your purpose

Phew. It’s getting inspiring up in here! With your vision written, you’re now ready to clarify your values with the Truth Organizer. This is a critical inner skill that helps you make conscious decisions confidently and quickly. It aids you in holding yourself accountable to living your most alive life and doing work that you both enjoy and makes a meaningful impact.   All you need to get started are five simple questions. Hint: this will change the way you define and achieve success forever.

Week #4
How to build healthy boundaries

Hooray, you’ve clarified what you want and are feeling good.  Now, cue the obstacles and resistance that will show up. No worries, I got you. Use the Boundaries Builder inner skill system to let go of anything, any thought, and anyone that is bringing you down or holding you back. You’ll become a master at healthy boundaries and have a go-to cheat sheet so you can handle a toxic work culture, an annoying coworker, or a boss that just doesn’t get it.   You'll be a master at when to say, YES, and how to say, NO, with peacefulness in your heart.

Week #5
1st Group Coaching Call  

You get to ask questions live each week after the training, but this week we have a full session dedicated to your receiving support from me. We'll talk about anything related to the coursework or to your current situation. I'll coach you so you leave the call filled with more courage, confidence, and clarity.  This group format helps you recognize that you're not alone and how others are struggling with the same issues. It's also a positively contagious environment where success and celebrations rub off!

Week #6
How to deal with fear and uncertainty

Anytime you start to make progress and grow, it's natural for doubt and anxiety to kick in (whether it's from you or your mom/spouse/friend/whoever). Learn about your mind’s natural antidote to fear and how to shift your worries instantly so you don't stop the flow of momentum you've developed. Receive self talk scripts to transform a dreaded situation into a light one. Master my favorite resilience skills to prepare for inevitable setbacks so you can bounce back quickly and keep your eye on the prize!

Week #7
How to explore new roles and responsibilities

    You've had the feeling that there's gotta be more than this. And by now you've done the inner work to figure it out. This week you learn how to matchmake your dreams with actual possibilities and responsibilities that exist at your organization or beyond.  Go through a step by step system to articulate your dream role and how to job craft your way there.  You'll learn how to leverage your network to help you research what energizes you most and discover opportunities that you didn't even know existed.


    Week #8
    How to ask for what you want

      You can't do this alone. When it comes to your living your dream life - there's people involved. You need someone to approve your raise, to hire you into their team, and to delegate to.  Learn how to speak up for what you need (even if you've tried in the past and it hasn't worked). Break through passive aggressive madness. Express yourself confidently, calmly, and effectively even in the most difficult conversation.  Get ready for your life to change - and for it to be so much easier than you ever imagined.  You’ll be beyond shocked with miraculous results whether it's more pay, better projects, free time, or peace with those challenging personalities.

      Week #9
      How to set inspiring goals and achieve them

      I know you've got big plans and have a lot you want to accomplish. Let's figure out how to prioritize and organize your time so you can achieve the goals that best express your values while still having time to sleep, eat, and love those around you. You'll use my favorite planning tool to sort through all those ideas in your mind. Plus, this week we'll learn about the science of motivation and why relying on willpower alone isn't enough for you to make it to the finish line.  The goal is for you to succeed and still be flourishing and well while you're at it!

      Week #10

      2nd Group Coaching Call  

      You get to ask questions live each week after the training, this week we have a full session dedicated to your receiving support from me. We'll talk about anything related to the coursework or to your current situation. I'll coach you so you leave the call filled with more courage, confidence, and clarity.  This group format helps you recognize that you're not alone and how others are struggling with the same issues. It's also a positively contagious environment where success and celebrations rub off!


      But you’re not in this alone. I’ll coach you through it.

      Speaking Header.png


      Every week I deliver the training LIVE and leave time for answering questions. PLUS, we'll have two dedicated calls just for Q&A.   

      Participants find the group experience invaluable here because:

      • You have my attention and receive laser coaching for your specific issues
      • You don’t feel alone in your journey as you realize you’re not the only one struggling with certain issues
      • You gain courage and inspiration from others
      • People ask questions you didn’t know you have 

      You’ll also receive


      We’ve set up a private Facebook Group, accessible only by Work Happiness Method™ members. Here you can celebrate, share, ask and connect with others in the program. My team and I will be checking here daily and answering your questions.


      We have a specialized system designed to track your progress and keep you engaged. I will be checking in on you personally, so you’re never alone and won’t get off track. And not to worry, if you miss something, we won’t guilt trip you—we’re here to support you wherever you are.


      Each class comes with a PDF guide of what you’re learning this week along with a set of worksheets. You’ll get step-by-step instructions along with recaps of key learning points. You’ll get a chart to clarify your ideal work experience. You’ll get scripts for what to say when speaking with your boss, colleagues or loved ones to get your needs met. This is information you will keep—to use as a reference anytime you need it.


      This is especially valuable for when you want to replay how to deal with difficult situations, for example, or what to say to yourself to shift your mood or to others to get your needs met. These recordings allow you to listen again and again, which is priceless– because each time you listen, you’ll pick up a new idea that will carry you forward.


      Release the stress & overwhelm, live with more calm, confidence and joy.

      Before you waste enough breath complaining or an hour dreaming about escaping (or scanning for jobs) - do this inner work first.

      The WORK HAPPINESS METHOD™ is designed for you to live you the life that makes your heart swell with gratitude and peace that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.


      You've got nothing to lose.

      Your being happy is our mission. So if you're not happy, we'll refund your money so long as you let us know by Day 30 (once you're half-way through the program).

      To receive a refund you must email by May 31, 2018. Sean will email you a few questions to make sure you've participated fully in the program. We don't offer refunds to those who haven't even tried. It's just for those who've done the work and realize it's not the right solution for them.

      You have nothing to lose. 




      So which is it? Are you ready to find happiness at work, where you spend most of your waking hours? Because once you do, you’ll have the energy to change your life….