Webinar available until October 28th, 2018

A quick script

Watch the webinar for more context!

How to say NO to unreasonable requests with kindness and respect

  1. I see that this project is very important because ____________ (mirror language you just heard).

  2. I always want to help and contribute to __________(describe a mutually desirable outcome).

  3. Let me get back to you by ________(insert time) to think about how I can best help you out. I want to give this some thought.

Clarifying prompts

  • Tell me what’s driving this timing.  

  • Could it wait until ______? 

  • Help me understand what this is for and why it’s important to you. 

  • Have you checked with _____ if they have the capacity?

  • This project falls under ____ team. Here’s her number. Give her a call because she’s best suited to support you. 

  • I’m committed to giving you 100%.  Here’s what I have on my plate and when it’s due. Help me figure out what priority I can shift to accommodate this request.